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It's never too early to make plans to ensure your family gets the money they need should a tragedy occur.

Don't leave your family struggling under a mountain of debt after you've passed - get a life insurance policy that will cover all of your debt, pay for your final expenses, and help maintain your family's standard of living.


You will work face-to-face with an insurance agent, so all of your concerns will be addressed and you can find the life insurance policy that will meet both your budget and the future needs of your family.


• Annuities

• Long term care

• Term life insurance, whole life insurance, and more


Learn how much you can save by getting a FREE quote today.

Make sure you aren't settling for an insurance agency that will provide you with generic coverage by coming to Affolder & Associates, where you can customize your plan.

Don't pay for services you don't need

Your life isn't something you can put a neat label on, so why should your insurance be?

Don't overcomplicate your life insurance

Have the answers you need explained in a way you can understand.

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