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Protect your family's assets with the additional coverage provided by umbrella liability

Don't settle for the coverage provided by your home, life, or auto insurance policies. Get a policy that will provide you with protection that goes well beyond the limits of individual insurance policies with help from Affolder & Associates.


Eliminate gaps in coverage and protect yourself from any financial problems that may occur from a lawsuit, including protection of the things that are most important to you:


• Possessions

• Savings

• Future earnings


Keep life's surprises from becoming unpleasant with a policy that goes the extra mile when it comes to safeguarding your family.

Have access to reasonably-priced life, auto, and home insurance and compassionate insurance agents when you call or stop by today.

Insurance you need, a price you can afford

Get added security with ease

Add umbrella liability insurance to your plan to protect your family.

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Receive knowledgeable insurance advice and benefit from techniques perfected over more than 50 years in the insurance business.

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